I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I’m a huge believer in true customer service. I’m a speaker, a published author, and I am completely obsessed with coming up with, and implementing creative, trackable marketing campaigns that GROW BUSINESSES! Mostly though, I’m just a lover of developing a great marketing concept and plan, and executing it.

I’ve been lucky enough to be an entrepreneur since the age of 18 when I purchased my first business, a small record store located in Berkley, MI. It was here that I first learned the value of not only driving traffic into my store, but also in truly serving customers. While that business was not successful, I consider the experience of running that store and trying to make it a success to be the launch of my career as an entrepreneur. Since that initial business experience, I’ve started, purchased and grown multiple businesses in many states throughout the country.

Now, at age 37, I’m focused on working with small businesses all over the country, and the world. Everything that I teach, recommend or implement is something I am using currently in my own business, or that I have used successfully in previous businesses. Most recently, I helped a business that was close to closing its doors turn around, increase revenue by more than 200% within 120 days, and stabilize completely within 180 days. This is just one success story….

My approach to marketing isn’t a cookie cutter one for any of my clients. I’m not the guy who sets things up for you and then says “good luck!” I promise you that when we meet, I’ll give you a lot of great insight, and if we do business together, you won’t receive a similar proposal, or similar ideas from any other company or marketing person out there.

I help businesses create new, more functional websites that are focused on selling. I help businesses create radio commercials, TV commercials, or simple online video promotions, all focused on being able to track what’s working, and scale accordingly. I help businesses with their brand identity, their marketing message, their phrasing on their business cards, brochures, postcards, and presentations. I work with many on developing and launching new marketing campaigns on facebook or Google Adwords. I’m one of very few marketers who also believes in offline marketing strategies, such as “Every Door Direct Mail”, and I use those campaigns to drive business as well. I use an approach called “HANDS OFF MARKETING”. What this means is that my team and I, with your input and help if you’d like, will develop your campaigns, create your designs, have everything printed, developed, completed, and even mailed, and then ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS WAIT FOR THE BUSINESS TO COME IN! Remember, everything we do is trackable, and we’ll track everything for you on top of any tracking you do on your own.


I basically help people get their business to look the best that it can from an image standpoint, and then follow-through with customized and strategic marketing strategies and campaigns designed to increase revenue and profit. I LOVE helping businesses grow! My experience as an entrepreneur myself for all of these years gives me a unique ability to objectively determine the best ways to engage new customers, and I use that to my full advantage with all of my clients. I truly love that this isn’t a large agency, which enables me to be extremely personal, and very client focused.

I’m honored to have been featured in the media on CNN Money, Crain’s Detroit Business, The Detroit Free Press, The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, AOL/DailyFinance.com, The Berlin Jounal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Corp! Magazine, and others.

Enough about me though. How can I help YOU? Let’s chat and see what your goals are, and figure out how I can help you achieve them. I never charge for consultations!