It was a Saturday move-in. I HATE Saturday move-in’s. Mostly because everyone else is closed. Discharge planners aren’t there… Pharmacy can be an issue… Home health admissions… Etc. I try and avoid them at all costs. But, sometimes you can’t avoid it. This was one of those times.

The room this resident was moving into had no furniture in it. No big deal, we ordered new furniture which was coming on Tuesday, and so I just asked my manager to please make sure that furniture was moved from another room so that everything was ready for this resident on Saturday.

Usually I verify everything. Trust… But verify. This time I didn’t…

So Saturday I received a panicked phone call from the family. “There’s no furniture, what is going on?!”

So I call my staff to find out.. And apparently the furniture had been moved to the wrong room. No big deal…

Luckily in this situation we saved the resident. But can you imagine if we had lost them for something so silly??

Small details matter. Don’t mess those up! (Which is so easy to do)…. ┬áSometimes we focus on the big things (filling the bed) and we forget little things that end up being big things… And that’s never a good way to start a relationship with a resident and their family.

Always trust, but verify…. And you’ll be fine. I saved this resident and now have a process in place to make sure that this NEVER happens again!!!