Does “I AM SO BUSY!” Mean That You’re Successful?

When I was younger I had a good friend who I barely saw. I was actually in a band with him, and whenever we got together to practice, that was the only time I would see him. Otherwise, he was always SO BUSY!

I was thinking about that today…..

Often, we meet people who are extremely busy with their businesses, careers, hobbies, etc. I think it’s safe to assume that when we meet someone who is extremely busy, right off the bat we think that they must be successful. I think that’s human nature. “If I have to wait a month to meet with them, they must be swamped, which means they are probably really successful!”

Do any of you think that way?

First, being busy is all about prioritizing things. Truly though, you are only too busy for those things that you don’t make a priority in your life. For my friend, hanging out with me wasn’t as big of a priority for him as the other things he was doing. No big deal… that’s just the truth.

The thing is, in my mind, it really should be the opposite. The more successful we are, the less busy we should technically be! After all, the true wealth is a complete control of your time. So if you AREN’T busy, doesn’t that mean that you are probably more successful? Or does it just mean that you prioritize your time better, and at this point in your life, your career, business, etc. comes second to your free time?

We could debate this for days I’m sure. But I had to write about it and see what thoughts others had. How do you prioritize your commitments? That includes family time as well….

Creating true “balance” is impossible in my eyes. But we control what we prioritize and when…. and the more success we have, the more control over our priorities we should have.

Food for thought on this beautiful (In Wisconsin today) Wednesday morning!

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