I’m sitting and having lunch at a thai restaurant. Now, this restaurant is one of my favorite places in this area. I eat here at least once a week. They know my order, and take really good care of me. Also, the food is amazing!


Something just happened that made me want to get out the laptop and write a post about employees/customer service…

A couple walked into this restaurant. And just so you can get a good idea, this place is located in a strip mall. It’s a small restaurant. You can see pretty much everything once you walk in the front door. The kitchen is at the back, and the tables are at the front. Pretty standard….

So this couple walks in, and the employee says “Hi, will you be dining in or carrying out?”.

The man responds with “Oh hmm… we thought this was a chinese buffet…”

The employee then says “We don’t have chinese food here.”


The man responded with “Oh, ok.” … AND THEY WALKED OUT!!

This is another standard example of employees who have no understanding of how they can use questions to earn business. All he had to do was simply say “Oh, no it’s not, but what type of dish are you looking for?”….

Engage the customer. Ask questions. Earn more business! How many times per month would something like this have to occur to really have a negative impact on this businesses bottom line? My answer to that question is “only once”…..

Do your employees respond to odd situations like this? Or, do they step up? Teach them to step up, and it will improve your bottom line!