“Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Work”

I hear this from people all the time. I’ve seen it written in posts on facebook by others. I’ve even had someone tell me that facebook ads are all fake, and likes and clicks for the businesses are all fake, done by click farms, etc.


More so, if you feel this way, that’s even more reason why we need to talk. Facebook has a WEALTH of information in its database. We know that from everything going on with the most recent election. That data can be used for good, if you know how to do it.

The reality is, it is true that Facebook ads don’t work for a lot of people. However it’s not because Facebook ads just simply don’t work. The reason is that setting up and running a successful campaign on Facebook takes a whole lot of planning, execution, and most importantly, data tracking.

If you try Facebook ads by sending people to your Facebook business page, it will fail. If you try Facebook ads by sending people to the front page of your website, it will fail. There’s a science to success. Give us a call so we can help.

If you’ve tried Facebook Advertising before with no success, give us a call. Mention this post, and that you’ve tried and failed already, and we have a special discount offer for you to try it again, and do it right this time.  🙂