I know…. you probably read the title of this entry and said “huh?”  – And for good reason. All day, every day, if you are into being an entrepreneur, want to be one, or just like following them, you probably read tons of things that talk about goal setting. Set goals, sh0rt-term, long-term, and go out and accomplish them!

There’s one big problem with this concept…

Generally speaking, most people, for whatever reason have a really hard time actually following through on their goals.

How about we change the word “goal” to “commitment”? Set COMMITMENTS.

Does that change the way you feel? Does it seem much more important now? If you actually commit to something, does that make it seem much more important?

I think so. I no longer set goals. I make commitments. I tell people what I’m going to do. I commit directly to them, and to me, that I WILL do whatever it is I’m setting out to do.

So next time you sit and and write out your goals, change the word “goal” to “Commitment”. See if that helps you move forward on things that otherwise seemed very tough to do!