I’ve been in sales since the age of 17. Actually if you count my paper route, I’ve been selling since I was about 10 years old! Along the way I learned an old sales technique that really works better than any other I have tried. Some of you may have heard of it before, and it’s called the “If I can, will you” method. What this accomplishes is getting small agreements from the customer as you walk them through the sales process. For example: “Mr. customer, you’re telling me that price is your main concern, correct? Great, and the price you are looking for is XXX right? Ok great. So Mr. Customer, if I can get that price for you, will you move forward with a purchase right now?

At this point if they say “no” or come up with another reason not to buy, then you know for a fact that price is not their main concern. Ideally though if you have walked through the process properly, you’ll get a yes from your customer.

Ask questions, figure out what their triggers are, and then hit them with the “If I can, will you”. You’ll be amazed how often this simple tactic works!