If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Nearly all of my success can be attributed to me going out of my way to ask for something. Stepping outside the box, and outside the comfort zone, in order to go after something that I really wanted, but wasn’t really sure how to get. Strategic partnerships, raising capital, growth plans, etc, all have come about because I “tried something”.

I’ve felt stuck many times in my life, and if you are at that point in your life right now, take a minute to think about what you can do to step outside your comfort zone, and who you can ask for help. Sometimes these small things change lives, and give you opportunities of a lifetime! I often get laughed at about how I look at things, but my view on everything is “we’ll figure it out”, and almost always, we do! Your attitude though is everything. Have confidence, ask the right people the right questions, and go after what you really want in life!

A lot of success in business is simply putting yourself in the right place at the right time. For example…

I was running a printing company that was pretty successful. My biggest customer was a man who owned a company over in Livonia, MI. One day, I went to deliver a product he had ordered and I sat down to chat with him and said “What the heck do you do?!” – I was fascinated by the fact that he needed so much printing and marketing stuff. Obviously he was successful, I thought.

He responded by saying “I’m in the long-term care business”….

We stayed in touch often and became friends. We often talked about entrepreneurship, business, etc. Eventually one day I made the decision to close the printing business. Margins had become so low that it was just tough to compete, and the money was no longer worth the effort. I called my friend in the long-term care business, and told him of my decision. His response was “Come work for me!”

I agreed to do that, and loved the thought of coming on board and learning this business. I was up front in this situation though and told him that I wouldn’t be a long-term employee. Eventually I wanted to start my own business in the long-term care industry as well. But while I worked for him, I would make him a lot of money! I held up my end of the bargain. I made him a lot of money. He held up his end, and he taught me everything he knew. Eventually, I made the decision, as I told him, to go back out on my own. And here I am today achieving success and building a great business! All because I asked what this man did for a living. I just asked a simple question, which has lead to an entirely new career for me, and a great deal of success.

So again I say… If you don’t ask, you won’t get.