No seriously… I am. I’m sick of crappy customer service, and it has turned me into an angry customer! Somewhere along the way, companies started treating customers as if they were not really necessary, and now out of nowhere that seems to have become normal. We call to discuss an issue, and end up on hold for 10 minutes. We call to make a complaint, and we end up being passed from one person to the next. Or, my favorite lately is “A supervisor is not available to speak with you”! SERIOUSLY?

So if you are an angry customer like me, let’s make each other a promise. Let’s start calling out these companies who treat us this way! That’s the only way that we can improve things. Hit them where it actually hurts… their bottom line.

It’s hard to do though, right? They are so huge that one or two people leaving doesn’t really affect them. So… we need to do this on a large level.

I want to create a movement! Let’s call it the “treat us right” movement.

The only way that things get better is by making waves. We’re not asking for too much. Just do things the right way.

Who is with me?