So just recently I went to eat lunch at “Potbelly Sandwiches”. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest it. The place was started in Chicago, and they make an amazing sandwich, and a great salad! It’s a pretty cool place overall. At their busier times, they have a musician sitting there playing and singing. It really gives the atmosphere a very different feel than most restaurants.

The young man playing guitar that afternoon was really good. Great voice, good guitar player. The line was long, so I got to hear a few songs while waiting.

Once I got my sandwich, I started making my way to the door to head to my car, and something caught my eye….

Those musicians always have a bucket there that says “tips”. Like what you hear? Throw them a few bucks. This guy was different though. He had a bucket just like the rest, but on the front of it, the words “College Fund” were written, instead of simply “tips”.

Think about that. How much longer would you consider giving a musician money if it was for their college fund, and not just a general tip? Perception is everything.

Now who knows if this guy was really a starving college student, or a clever marketer.

Regardless, I dropped a $5.00 bill in the bucket just for his creativity. How can you use the power of perception to change your marketing message in a positive and effective way?