Printing greeting cards presents an opportunity for small businesses to let their valued customers know that you’re thinking about them, and appreciate their business. Sending out greeting cards during special occasions throughout the year is not only a practice that many families do but also business and companies as well. If families want to share their greetings to their friends and relatives, companies want to extend to their consumers and create a connection with them too.




These details are the reasons why you should focus on great design concepts for your greeting cards. So, before you go to the printing services company for the production of your greeting cards, you can always make your own design to add personalization and your own touch to the cards.

Here are some great ideas that you can apply:

  • Printing Greeting Cards and Using A Cover Photo.

    • Instead of just having words on the cover of your greeting card, it will be nice if you add a photo.
    • The picture must not only be related to the occasion, it should also be associated with your business or your brand.
    • To make the photo stand out, choose something that has vibrant colors and do not forget to add a border.
    • Before going to the printing company, you have to select an image that is of high quality so it would not be pixelated when printed into paper.
    • Large Fonts.

      • It will be customary to add a title on the cover of your greeting card. In order to do so, you must choose a font that is catchy and unique but still readable and clear. A large font will do well.
      • You just have to make sure that the writings of the fonts on the cover of your card will not obstruct significant parts of your cover photo.
      • Combination of Real Life Images and Graphics.

        • To add depth to your plain looking holiday greeting cards, you can make use of both computer- generated graphics and some real life images.
        • Instead of just printing family photo, you can add some cartoon candy canes, reindeer or other graphics depending on the occasion that you will be sending the cards for.
        • Company Name and Logo.

          • If you are a businessman, do not ever forget to add the logo of your brand so that people will be more familiar with your company.

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