One procrastination could have drastically changed my life. It’s that simple.

It was November of 2010. I was working with a friend in care management, facility management, and marketing. I had come on board with this man to learn from him and from his 20+ years of experience. I was loving every second of it. We were swamped! But I still had the entrepreneurial itch. So, I decided to go back into real estate investing to scratch that itch, ¬†and still say full-time in the care business which I had completely fallen in love with. I had been a real estate investor¬†in the past very successfully and now I figured I could do it again part-time. I just needed some advice from someone who knew the market well currently, and was up to date on what working and what wasn’t at this time.

There’s a real estate investing guru who lives here in Michigan. He has a great reputation and he knows his stuff. He was putting on seminars. The one thing that kept holding me back was that his seminars were pretty expensive. But I knew it would be worth it. In January of 2011 I decided that I needed to pull the trigger and just go to the seminar. So, I put the cost on a credit card and spent 2 days in February at this seminar. I learned a LOT about real estate. But, more importantly, I told him what I did for a living and he was really intrigued.

Long story short, I became very good friends with him and his wife. We went into business together and when that happened I was able to go back out on my own completely, but in the senior care industry, which was a dream come true, and was always my plan anyways. Once out on my own, I started growing, and other than a few mistakes here and there (mistakes happen… Oh well!) I’ve never looked back.

Interestingly enough, that seminar that he did in February was the last one that he EVER did!

So the question that I ask you today is, what if I had waited until the next month? I would have missed out on so much that changed my life in so many ways! Procrastination is truly kryptonite to entrepreneurs. And mine almost killed my dreams right then and there.

What are you waiting to do? Stop waiting! Pull the trigger! If you don’t, you may miss it, and you may miss an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do.

If the option you are considering RIGHT NOW went away tomorrow, wouldn’t you regret not doing it today? This event has significantly changed how to look at my life, and at procrastination. STOP procrastinating! Today is the day.