We’ve all been told that at one point or another. “We’re sorry Sir/Miss, that’s our policy”. Usually it’s in a situation where a customer is frustrated for one reason or another. And now to make matters worse, they’ve been told “that’s our policy”, which is a nicer was of saying “screw off!”….

Don’t get me wrong. Policies are necessary in every company. In order for management to be able to hold employees accountable, train their employees, etc. there needs to be policies and processes in place.


A policy or process must never, ever come before a customer. Customer’s are always more important. Period.

This is one of the biggest things that I teach companies and employees. I call this “customer priority” and customer priority must always come before company priority. This doesn’t mean that we accept beatings from bad customers. Quite the contrary. I talk about “getting rid of bad customer” in other posts, and I stand by that strategic plan. But, we, as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers, etc. must put the good customers first!

In order to keep the peace, there must be a way to keep both the company and the customer happy. So in order to both satisfy both the company AND the customer, we can use something that I call “transitional phrasing”. The use of “transitional phrasing” should be taught to every customer service organization during their initial training. It’s simple…

“Sir, it’s our policy that all refunds must be issued within 10 business days HOWEVER (transitional phrase) I understand your concern with this policy, and I’d like to see what I can do to help. May I please do some research on this for you and give you a call back within 1 hour?”

Try it! This is one little change that can have a LOT of BIG impact on the overall satisfaction of your customers.

BAN THE PHRASE “I’M SORRY THAT’S OUR POLICY” from being used overall as an organization!