Text Marketing Software And How Businesses Can Use Them

Text marketing software is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, groups and even individuals every single day. It can be used for simple, broad mass text messaging or for complicated campaigns as well. Regardless how it’s used, text message marketing allows businesses and organizations in every industry to acquire new customers, communicate with clients more often, and increase revenue. By being more personal and attentive with their customers, small businesses have achieved a 20% or more increase in overall revenue, within 90 days of launch/activation.

So how are some specific industries utilizing the power of text marketing software?

Text Marketing Software Is Extremely Successful For Restaurants

Our SMS Marketing platform builds customer loyalty. By using the program properly, our customers are able to sell more to their current customers, and do that more often!  Think of the impact on revenue if you were able to drive foot traffic to your restaurant on a slow night. Are your customers all dealing with an extremely hot summer afternoon? Offer a 3-hour special on an iced coffee. There are also plenty of our clients who tell us that they want to reward repeat customers. Because of that feedback, we implemented a process within our system that now allows those repeat customers to text in, and receive special deals. Impulse buyers are the best customers for any business! Make those impulse purchases easier, end your night on a huge positive, and turn a slow day into your best day! All at the click of a button.

Financial Firms

Mobile marketing through SMS text messaging allows you to instantly communicate with broad audiences at a fraction of the cost of other platforms. We’re proud to offer an affordably priced enterprise-class text messaging platform. Publishers of financial research distribute time sensitive notifications and links to full reports. Brokers and investing newsletters deliver daily trading tips via SMS. Information providers offer daily market summaries, and intra-day price levels.

Text Marketing Increases Revenue For Retail Businesses

Mobile marketing through SMS text messaging allows you to build loyalty and increase sales by directly communicating with your customers. Hold a private sale for loyal customers. Send out 10 or 1,000 messages in seconds alerting them. Offer mobile coupons. Run contests to entice customers to join your text message marketing list. We have systems in place for all of these processes!

Health Care Marketers & Providers

Text messaging allows health care providers to easily and affordably communicate with patients in a manner compliant with HIPAA privacy regulations. Doctor’s offices cut down on no-shows by confirm appointments via text message. Clinics alert patients to the availability of items such as seasonal flu vaccines. Health care marketers communicate with clients.

Text Marketing For Nightlife – Bars, Lounges & Nightclubs

Are you ready to take your nightlife promotions to the next level? NJM Printing & Marketing offers a custom mass text messaging platform, and it’s just what you need. We’ve been providing affordable, effective text messaging promotions for the nightlife/hospitality industry for years. Neighborhood bars text message daily specials to their customers. Promoters bring people through the door on slow nights and earn extra money. Nightclubs build loyalty by collecting patron phone numbers and offering VIP access.

Real Estate

Depending on your company’s role in the real estate industry, NJM Printing & Marketing provides two distinct text messaging solutions. For real estate agencies on the sale and rental side, our mobile marketing offerings allow you to cost effectively market and provide information about your listings. On the management side, we help property managers quickly and easily communicate with tenants.

Brokers use keywords on our shared short code, posted on properties, and in other literature as a way to deliver information to prospective clients, and to capture their contact information. Property managers, from single buidling-single owner firms, to national management companies, send text message reminders when rent is overdue.

Churches & Youth Ministries

Our custom platform quickly delivers your group messages to everyone you need to connect with. Need to make last minute schedule changes? Announce after school events? Or would you like to send daily sermons to your congregation? Whatever message your church or ministry needs to spread, text message marketing with NJM Printing & Marketing is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to do it.

Plans start as low as $30.00/Month, and we always offer a free trial to give you some time to ramp up your new program.

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