“Thank you for your business”

Think about it… When is the last time someone said that to you? It’s written everywhere usually. It’s on receipts. It’s always on a company website. But when is the last time someone actually said that to you, live in person? Even more so… When’s the last time someone said it to you, and you felt that they meant it?

Its such a simple thing, yet so extremely important that a customer feels that their business is appreciated. Especially in this day and age.

My wife and I and our two kids recently went out to dinner. The place we went to wasn’t fancy. It was a chain. Somewhere we enjoy that’s not too expensive but has pretty good food. The service is usually just “ok” but that’s what we have come to expect.

So this time, right from the start, it was different. First off, we were sat at a small booth. We were struggling to get our kids seated, etc. The server came over and immediately said “Would you guys like to move somewhere with more room?”….

He saw we were having trouble, and he fixed our trouble! WITHOUT us having to even ask. Beautiful!

So, we moved. We were more comfortable. Dinner was easier. His excellent customer service continued though. He was attentive, interested in us but not annoying. He really took good care of us.

So I left him a huge tip. Our bill was about $40.00 and I left him a $25.00 tip. Why? He deserved it!

The best part though was that before he could even see what our tip amount was, as we were walking out, he came over and just said “Thanks very much for your business! Please come again soon.”

So simple, yet so appropriate. This gentleman went above and beyond. He WILL get our business again and I’ll tip him well again too.

People who treat their customers with respect and appreciation are guaranteed to create repeat business, and THAT is what true wealth is built on.

So, when’s the last time you said the simple, yet powerful phrase to your customers? Next time you see them or talk to them, try it. I promise that it will go a long way.

Thanks for your business. A beautiful and powerful, yet underused phrase.