Always remember that they are not like you. Build your systems. If they can’t adapt, they don’t belong.

In May, 2013 I bought an assisted living facility. I love the lady who I bought it from. She was 70 years old, and had run it for 27 years. She had made a lot of money and was what most would consider a success. Her employees especially considered her one. They adored her. The previous owner though was a micro manager. In all my years of owning businesses and meeting managers, etc. I have yet to meet a micro manager who grew beyond 2 locations. Why? They can’t trust anyone else to do anything and they expect everything to be done their way. Now don’t get me wrong… For some, that’s a great way of doing business.

For this woman it had worked out extremely well. But her and I are very different. She’s a business owner. I’m an entrepreneur. She was happy with one location… And making that location very successful and she was there 6-7 days a week overseeing operations. I have 3 kids under the age of 6… So I just don’t have the ability to do what she did. Honestly, I don’t have the desire to either.

When I bought the facility, I kept the employees on. I felt that it was the right move. Many had been there for years and they seemed compassionate. But here we are two years later and I STILL hear “well _________ would have done it THIS way.

You see, employees will follow their leader. In this case their leader micro managed and that’s what these employees got used to. Sad but true.

So from day one, these employees constantly asked when I was coming in… When I would be there… Etc. what they didn’t realize was that this business was an investment for me, not a business. I never planned on being there every single day. I planned on this being one of many that I ran with a great team behind me.

Some employees left… Others stuck around. At this point we have a pretty good staff. But they still want me there all the time. And if I let them dictate my life, I would be there, and I would never grow!

Don’t ever let people who are of the employee mentality try and tell you how to run your business. They’re nothing like you, and they will never understand your approach to life and business. Stick to your guns and your plans and find people who want to grow WITH you!