One day, it will happen. You have grown your business from 1 employee (yourself) to many employees.  You have grown your office space along the way. Your business went from this little “vision” inside your head to this actual THING that is pressing forward and becoming it’s own “thing” entirely separate from you.

And  then, you look at your calendar, and you realize….

The things that you did when you first started are so far apart from the things that you do every day now to keep your business successful. The old saying is “Work ON your business, not IN it” and while that is so true from many standpoints, it’s also so very hard for entrepreneurs to do. We are control freaks in many ways! We want to know everything that is going on at all times, and we want reports on everything, and we want to make sure that things are being done as they should from bottom all the way to top. That’s just human entrepreneur nature! But for most of us, the real taste of success is when an employee comes to us, and says “Mr. Top Dog, X problem happened, and we did Y to fix it. The problem is no longer a problem but we just wanted to let you know what had happened and how we fixed it”….


The first time that happened to me, for a second I got mad. I thought “What do you mean you didn’t call me about a problem?!”….  Then, I thought about it….

You mean I could actually take a step away from my business if needed and trust my employees to handle problems? YES! AWESOME!

And that, is when you realize that you have gone from “business owner” to actual CEO.

When you look at your calendar in the morning, and most of your day is spent in meetings, lunches, planning things, etc instead of on actual operations, at that point you have made the transition to CEO, and it’s not a bad thing! Embrace it!

It’s always hard for entrepreneurs to give up control. Just remember, that if you develop people properly, and put them in positions where you allow them to MAKE decisions themselves, and take responsibility for their actions, just by doing that you have given yourself more free time to focus on growth, family life, and other important things.

So take a deep breath. Calm down. It’s OK that you yourself aren’t making all of the decisions. Let your employees handle small ones. Your job now is to focus on the big ones.

Relax, and start looking forward at anything else you can do in the near future to create more stability in your business, and grow it effectively.

Congrats, business owner. By empowering your employees, you just got promoted!