I get asked a lot by people how they can change something that they hate about their life. It may be their job, the hours they work, amount of responsibility, etc. Most of the time though it’s a question about how they can leave their job and start their own business.

How can I do it without risking too much?
What if it doesn’t work?
Can I do it part time?
How do I plan?
How do I make the jump?

Those are common questions….

First, the single most important thing is to have what I call “Commitments”. (Goals are overrated – we’ll cover that later) Most of you probably know that already though. But still… Make sure you set commitments. I like to do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. This gives me enough short term and long term commitments to make everything make sense.

Second you have to know what your end result needs to be. If your commitment is to be full time, on your own in 12 months, then that is the end result or all the daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Add them all up and there you have it.

One year. If you are planning a life changing event or move, don’t go past one year.

The good news is 12 months is the perfect amount of time. Often it’s too much. Take me for example….

I started my own senior living business in 2011. This obviously isn’t my first venture out on my own, but still, any new business has plenty of risks. I started out with plenty of commitments that I needed to hit, in order to accomplish my 12 month goal which was to have 4 senior living homes up and running under my company corporate umbrella by August 1st, 2012.

What were some of the little things I needed to accomplish along the way?

Open an office
Hire a manager
Hire an assistant
Create consistent marketing plans
Make a certain amount of outbound phone calls weekly

Those are just some of the things I focused on for the last 12 months.

On July 26th, 2012, I signed the paperwork to finalize the purchase of an already existing assisted living/senior living home in Harper Woods, MI. That is my 4th. I accomplished my commitment (albeit totally last minute 🙂

In one year I have taken a company from zero to significant revenue. In one year I have changed my family’s financial future permanently. In one year I’ve gone from somewhat successful entrepreneur searching for “the one business” to a very successful entrepreneur who loves his business and can’t wait to see where it takes him in the next 5 years.

So stop thinking about how you have put things off too long. Stop thinking that you can’t do it. Stop feeling sorry that life has passed you by. If you want to change your life, do it! Plan it out. Make it happen. One year isn’t a lot of time. Most of us, God willing, have more than a year left on this earth. How you choose to use that time is up to you, but stop making excuses that your time for greatness is up. It’s not!

One year can change your life. Sit down tomorrow, write out where you need to be in your life in 12 months. Then go backwards with your commitments and go!

One year. That’s it! Make it happen.